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Cylinder loader 4.5t (hth) for telehandlers

Technical specifications:


Overall length


Clamp rotation

Maximum diameter

Cylinder Rotation

Cylinder length (min)

Cylinder length (max)


Model series

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Machines Cylinder loader 4.5t (hth) for telehandlers

Clamp for maintenance, replacement and relocation of large excavator cylinders up to 4,500 kg and max ø 450 mm. Clamp side shift +/- 300 mm, 360° clockwise/counterclockwise clamp rotation and +/- 27° cylinder rotation. This attachment comes with its support by default. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase the Multi Tool Manipulator (ATT – 08 – 004). This accessory is available for the HTH series, except the HTH 10.10 model.