Magni RTH 5.18: A new era in versatility and efficiency


Magni RTH 5.18: A new era in versatility and efficiency

Magni has taken another step forward in the continuous development of telehandlers with the latest update of the RTH 5.18 model. This is a machine that sets a new standard for working on construction sites and in complex environments.

Compact design meets maximum functionality

With its compact size, the RTH 5.18 is the ideal telehandler for construction site use. The machine’s ability to work with a wide range of accessories emphasizes its versatility and reduces the need to have several different machines for different tasks. This means time savings and cost reductions for any business.

Market needs in focus

In an effort to meet the changing needs of the market, Magni has chosen to make updates that take into account the needs and working conditions of operators, including improved maneuverability.

The latest version of the RTH 5.18 is equipped with a continuous 360° rotation – a feature that now applies to the entire RTH series. This upgrade provides unprecedented flexibility and precision when positioning loads, optimizing repositioning time and workspace efficiency.

Comfort for the operator

Comfort has been prioritized in the new improvements to RTH 5.18. A new addition is the improved air quality sensor, which automatically adjusts ventilation to maintain an optimal indoor climate. Now with standard air conditioning, a comfortable and productive working environment is guaranteed during every workday.

Ajkom ApS – Your partner in telehandlers

At Ajkom ApS, we are experts when it comes to telehandlers and aerial work platforms. We offer sales, service agreements and repair of Magni models as well as other telehandlers and lifts. With Magni RTH 5.18, we promise not only high performance and reliability, but also a total solution-oriented approach to our customers’ needs.

Discover all the features of the new Magni RTH 5.18 and find out how it can transform your work by visiting our product page. Here you’ll find everything you need to take your project to the next level with innovative technology from Magni.

Ajkom ApS is ready to help you find the perfect solution, so don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and advice about the new Magni RTH 5.18 telehandler.