Magnis rotating forks for efficient work in confined spaces


Magnis rotating forks for efficient work in confined spaces

AJKOM, as the Danish distributor of Magni telehandlers and construction equipment, introduces Magni’s specially designed rotating forks – an innovative solution that effectively meets the challenges of working in confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas.

AJKOM presents Magni’s latest technological advancements that make it possible to work in confined spaces and hard-to-reach places.

Magni’s innovative solution for tight spaces

Working in confined spaces can be challenging, often requiring changing the position of the machine or rotating the tower to reach difficult areas. Magni has developed a special accessory, ATT-03-041, that solves these problems and optimizes work in these situations, saving time and increasing productivity.

Features and benefits of Magnis rotating forks

Magni’s rotating forks provide maximum maneuverability and flexibility in all conditions. Designed for handling wood and iron bars, drywall, glass shelves and pallets, these forks are available for both TH and RTH telehandler models. With an impressive front lifting capacity of up to 5 tons and a rotating capacity of up to 2.5 tons, they meet a variety of jobsite needs.

Maneuverability and flexibility

The forks can rotate 360° up to a height of 3 meters. Above this height, rotation is automatically limited to +/- 90° depending on working conditions. In addition, the accessory can be equipped with a manual rotation lock that reduces the working angle to +/- 90° for extra flexibility.

Expanded product range for increased productivity

Magni emphasizes its commitment to providing targeted solutions that enable safe, efficient and fast work. Rotating forks expand Magni’s product range and give users access to customized solutions that meet specific needs in the workplace.

Success with customized solutions Magni has once again expanded its range with innovative solutions that give users

the ability to work safely, efficiently and quickly in even the most challenging environments. For more information about this exciting accessory, visit our website’s product page.

AJKOM and Magni are dedicated to providing high-performance and customized solutions for the construction industry. The rotating forks are an example of this focus. Make your work more efficient with Magnis RTH / TH with rotating forks – your key to success on the jobsite! Link to more info about RTH telehandlers.