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First and foremost, we have MT, which is a series of four-wheel-drive telehandlers. The MT series has a steering wheel on four wheels and a lifting height of up to 18 meters. They are primarily built for the construction and rental industry. You can buy a control from the brand Hetronic, which is typically installed when preparing new machines. On models that lack these, we can occasionally retrofit them. We also have a great deal of knowledge about Hetronic. You can also buy crane arms, shovels, brooms and crew baskets.


In addition, we have the MLT series, which has many of the same features as the MT series. However, they only have a lifting height of up to 10 meters. Unlike the MT series, MLT is developed for agriculture, industry, the recycling industry, handling of equipment and the like. Here, the focus area has been on high comfort, plenty of traction, high performance and maneuverability. If you want extra equipment, you can buy a high-pressure cabin, buckets, tools for handling grain and straw, central lubrication, etc.


The characteristics of the MRT series are that they can do a bit of the same as the MLTs and MTs, but have a lifting height of up to 32 meters. They are developed for the construction and rental industry as well as certain industries, where it is important to have a good range, lifting height and low costs. As with the MT series, it is possible to purchase a Hetronic remote control for certain models and get the same accessories.


MHT is a series of off-road telehandlers that are four-wheel drive and can be steered on all wheels. MHT telescopic loaders have a lifting height of up to 14 meters. They are developed for industry, mining, wind turbine industry and the military. The MHT series is particularly suitable for high lifting capacity, load monitoring, good comfort and heavy loads. You can buy a Hetronic remote control for certain models and the crew basket. In addition, you can buy shovels, crane arms, crew baskets, forks for container handling and much more.

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