TH 7.10: the latest developments from Magni


TH 7.10: the latest developments from Magni

In a world where technological innovation and powerful performance go hand in hand, Magni has once again raised the bar with the launch of their latest telehandler, distinguished by its unparalleled lifting capacity within the TH series. This machine is not just an addition to the range; it’s a true game changer in the heavy lifting industry.

After an extensive re-design process of the well-known TH 6.10 model, Magni proudly introduces the TH 7.10. This new model is a masterclass in engineering, offering improved load charts and an impressive 1 ton (2204 pounds) increase in lifting capacity. The TH 7.10 sets a new standard for performance in its class, with the ability to lift the maximum load of 7 tons (15,432 pounds) up to 8.5 m (27 feet) – a 16% improvement over its predecessor. Furthermore, it can reach its maximum height of 9.5 m (31 feet) with a load of 6 tons (13,227 pounds), which is a 20% improvement, and support 2.5 tons (5511 pounds) at the maximum horizontal reach of 5.9 m (19 feet), which is an impressive 25% improvement.

Premium version: A class of its own

The TH 7.10 will be offered in both a Basic and a Premium version, as will its 15 and 19 meter (49 and 62 feet) counterparts. In the Premium version, the model is equipped with a more powerful 75 kW Deutz engine as well as air conditioning and radio as standard equipment, ensuring both performance and comfort.

A cabin that sets new standards

The completely redesigned cabin, first introduced in the RTH series in 2023, is now standard across the entire TH 2024 series, including the TH 7.10. Designed to meet all driver needs, this cabin offers unrivaled comfort, safety and convenience that sets new standards in the industry.

Magni Combi Touch System (MCTS): Next generation control system

With the new Magni Combi Touch System (MCTS), accessed via a touchscreen, the user experience has become even more intuitive and comfortable. The system has undergone an extensive graphical re-styling and offers navigation via icons. The new menu screen provides access to various functions and new features, including dedicated presets that optimize performance for the attached equipment. In addition, improvements have been made to the load diagram screen, which now offers two different view options: a standard view of all load bands and a dynamic view that shows the available workspace in relation to the lifted load.

A groundbreaking launch

With the market introduction of this new machine, Magni TH marks another impressive step forward in the development of high-performance, reliable solutions in the lifting world. The improvements include not only efficiency, but also safety and comfort, underlining Magni’s commitment to innovation and quality.

The Magni TH 7.10 not only represents an evolution in telehandlers; it symbolizes a revolution with its unmatched lifting capacity that sets new standards for what’s possible.