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Et-litocran700 vacuum telehandler for telehandlers

Technical specifications:




Horizontal max capacity

Vertical max capacity

Number of suction cups

Vakuum System

Battery power supply


Recharge time

Model series

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Machines Et-litocran700 vacuum telehandler for telehandlers

The vacuum lifting accessory is ideal for safely moving glass, ceramic or metal sheets. It allows you to lift loads up to 700 kg in horizontal and vertical positions. The tiles can be manually tilted 90° and rotated 360°. The 4 additional suction cups included in the set allow it to handle larger surface loads and adapt to the size of the object. The attachment has a charging time of approximately 4 hours and a usage autonomy of 8 hours. The accessory has a handy and compact remote control for activating and deactivating the vacuum function. The remote control required to use the accessory must be ordered separately. This accessory is available with RTH range.