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Technical specifications:

Max. working height

Max. basket height

Max. range

Max. load capacity

Max. number of people

Max. climbability (stow)

Max. working slope

Max. wind speed

Turning radius (inside)

Turning radius (outside)

Turret rotation

Jib type

Jib length

Jib lodret rotation

Basket width

Basket length

Basket rotation

Samlet vægt


Diesel tank capacity

Hydraulic tank capacity

Emergency power system


Platform length

Platform length (transport)

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Machines DTB26RT boom lift

Our telescopic boom lift is designed with a low center of gravity, ensuring exceptional stability in all working conditions. This advanced stability combined with the impressive lifting capacity makes it possible to perform even the most demanding tasks with ease and safety. Whether you’re a machinist, carpenter, electrician or contractor, this boom lift will become your preferred partner on the jobsite.

Advanced off-road performance

Equipped with a fuel-efficient diesel engine and 4 steering wheels integrated into the axle, this boom lift is built to navigate complex terrain effortlessly. It offers three steering modes – front axle steering, crab steering and omnidirectional steering – giving you the versatility to maneuver the machine precisely, regardless of the complexity of the work area.

Compatibility and control

With a modular design that promotes high compatibility of parts across the range, as well as proportional controls and thumb-rocker steering, this boom lift provides an intuitive and responsive user experience. Equipped with turn signals, horn, hour meter and harsh environment kits, it’s ready to tackle any workspace you face.

Off-road capabilities and positive traction

Our boom lift’s front axle, which pivots to match the irregularities of the terrain, ensures optimum adhesion to the ground, while the 4-wheel steering and all-wheel drive provide positive traction on all four wheels. With 360° continuous rotation and an integrated special drive shaft, this machine is a powerhouse of performance.

Engine and safety features

It comes with a Stage V engine that offers an automatic engine failure shutdown function, anti-reverse engine device, engine restart protection and a hydraulic oil radiator. These features ensure the engine runs efficiently and safely in all working conditions.

Flexibility and safety insurance

The basket is self-levelling and can rotate +/-90° for unmatched flexibility and reach. With safety features such as a drive activation system, platform load sensor system, on-board diagnostics system, tilt indicator with alarm, crush protection and an emergency lowering system, your safety is always a priority.


Standard equipment


Safety and security



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