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Scissor lift 8 meters – battery (ES0807AC)

Technical specifications:


Working height

Platform floor height

Overall length

Overall width

Overall height (rails up)

Transport height (rails down)

Platform length

Platform width

Platform extension

Ground clearance (stowed)

Ground clearance (raised)



Turning radius (outside)


2×24 VAC/0.5 kW

Lifting motors

Travel speed (stowed)

Travel speed (raised)

Integrated battery charger


Max. working slope

Non-marking tyres

Weight (CE)

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Machines Scissor lift 8 meters – battery (ES0807AC)scissor lifts

When your work requires you to reach new heights, it’s important to have equipment that is not only reliable, but also efficient and safe. For machinists, carpenters, electricians, contractors and other professionals who face challenges on a daily basis, we introduce the ideal solution: an advanced scissor lift designed to meet even the most demanding needs.

Why choose our scissor lift?

This scissor lift is a masterpiece of engineering, combining robustness and technological innovation to ensure your tasks are completed both safely and efficiently. With its compact dimensions and electric drive system, it is not only environmentally friendly with zero emissions, but also ideal for indoor use where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.

Technical specifications to meet your needs

With an impressive 230 kg capacity and a working height of up to 7.80 m, this scissor lift gives you access to even the hardest-to-reach areas. The platform’s floor height of 5.80 m ensures a significant working radius, while its length and width are designed to easily maneuver through standard doors, increasing its usability in different workplaces. Extending the platform by 0.90 m provides even more flexibility and reach while working.

Standard equipment that puts safety first

Safety always comes first, and this scissor lift is equipped with advanced safety technology. From the automatic pothole protection system and crush protection to the advanced braking system and emergency lowering, every feature is designed with the user’s safety in mind. The non-marking tire technology also ensures that no marks are left on your work areas.

Efficiency combined with ease of use

The efficiency of this scissor lift is unmatched, with electric transmission and a travel speed that adapts to the circumstances – faster when stowed and gently when raised. The built-in battery charger and maintenance-free battery ensure you’re always ready to work, while the integrated diagnostic system and hour meter help keep track of maintenance.

Tailored to your needs

We understand that every professional has unique requirements for their equipment. That’s why we offer a no-obligation chat where we can agree on a quote that fits your exact needs. Whether you’re a machinist, carpenter, electrician or contractor, we ensure you get the best solution to help you reach new heights in your work.

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Standard equipment

5/5 - (3 stemmer)