Service and repair

AJKOM offers nationwide service with our fleet of service vehicles. Our team travels to the machine to perform the required repairs and services directly on site. We make sure to bring the necessary spare parts. Our expertise includes servicing Magni, Manitou, construction equipment and lifts.


AJKOM has service vehicles covering all of Denmark. We come to the machine and do what you want. We service the machine on site and bring any spare parts needed. We service Magni, Manitou, construction machinery and lifts.

Annual inspection

We perform annual inspections on Magni, Manitou, construction machinery and lifts. We approve the device in Lift Control or Machine Control. We perform the annual inspection on site with all that this entails.

Core competency

We have expertise in Magni and Manitou products and can help if you need service, annual inspection or repair. We know that suddenly not being able to run can be an annoyance. We therefore have a keen interest in helping our customers as quickly as possible.

Spare parts

AJKOM stocks original spare parts for Magni machines. AJKOM also stocks many spare parts for Manitou machines, so you can easily repair your machine. We can guarantee that you will receive spare parts within a short period of time. Not only that, we have a wealth of knowledge, which means we can quickly find out which spare part you need.

Gold helmet in the control system

The purpose of the machine control system is to ensure the best possible safety when working with self-propelled construction machinery. Machine control gives you higher safety, better quality and greater reliability.
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