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RTH machines 6.46 rotating telehandler

Technical specifications:



Lifting capacity

6,000 kg

Capacity at maximum height

Lifting height

45,60 m


32 m


Rated power

Number of gears

Hydraulic system

Overall length


Ground clearance

Machine weight

Travel speed

25 km/h


360° (continued)

Climate control as standard

Reversable fan drive

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RTH machines 6.46 rotating telehandler

The RTH 6.46 achieves a lifting height of 46 m with a maximum load capacity of 6 tons. It’s the perfect solution for any construction or industrial site that requires best-in-class reach and lifting capacity. The tilt corrector and scissor stabilizers with large support feet provide excellent stability in all conditions, guaranteeing perfect ground hold on all terrain to ensure maximum operator safety. The double extension scissor stabilizers are ideal even with limited space available; even when the machine is only partially stabilized, it is programmed to provide the best possible load diagram on each side. When the stabilizers are fully extended, on the other hand, they guarantee maximum machine performance over 360° as they are able to work over a very wide stabilizer base. This model allows the same accessory to be used in two different ways: strength mode M2 and stability mode M1. The first allows you to lift very heavy loads, but with a more limited extension. The second mode, on the other hand, allows for greater expansion but with more limited loads. It is compatible with a wide range of accessories, thanks to the RFID system that provides automatic recognition and creation of the dynamic load diagrams; this telehandler is able to fulfill a wide range of applications in construction and industry.


360° view of the new cabin

With our 360° virtual tour, we invite you inside the cabin of our telehandlers, where you can explore every detail as if you were behind the wheel.