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Scissor lift 5 meters – oil-free (ES0507OF)

Technical specifications:


Working height

Platform floor height

Overall length

Overall width

Overall height (rails up)

Platform length

Platform width

Ground clearance (stowed)

Ground clearance (raised)



Turning radius (outside)


2 x 24V / 0.6 kW

Lifting motors

Travel speed (stowed)

Travel speed (raised)

Battery Capacity

Integrated battery charger


Non-marking tyres

Weight (CE)

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Machines Scissor lift 5 meters – oil-free (ES0507OF)scissor lifts

In a world where efficiency and eco-friendliness go hand in hand, we introduce the Magni ES0507OF scissor lift. This state-of-the-art solution is designed to meet the changing needs of the industry with its advanced technology and environmentally friendly features. The Magni ES0507OF is not just a scissor lift; it’s a revolution in lifting technology that brings reliability and sustainability to your projects.

Capacity and size

With an impressive 230 kg capacity and a maximum working height of 5.05 m, the Magni ES0507OF offers the perfect balance between size and strength. This scissor lift has a platform length of 1.16 m and a width of 0.60 m, ensuring enough space to work comfortably and safely. Its compact dimensions with a length of only 1.16 m and an overall width of 0.77 m make it ideal for working in confined spaces.

Performance and operations

The Magni ES0507OF is equipped with two 24V / 0.6 kW cooling motors and a 24V / 1.5 kW lifting motor, ensuring efficient and trouble-free operation. With a travel speed of up to 4 km/h when stowed and 0.40 km/h when raised, it combines speed with precision. Its electric transmission is oil-free, reducing maintenance needs and environmental impact.

Safety features and accessories

Safety is a top priority for the Magni ES0507OF. It is equipped with proportional joystick controls, self-locking doors, and a range of safety features such as an emergency descent system, address alarm, motion alarm, and a built-in fault diagnostic system. These features ensure users can work safely even in the most challenging conditions.

Zero emissions and low energy consumption

The Magni ES0507OF is powered by 55 Ah AGM batteries, which offer reliability, longevity and above all, zero emissions. This makes the scissor lift ideal for indoor use and in environments where air quality is an important consideration. The integrated battery charger ensures easy and efficient charging, minimizing operating costs.

Increased safety and durability

In addition to its eco-friendly features, the Magni ES0507OF is designed with increased safety and durability in mind. It is equipped with “anti-pothole” side bars to prevent swaying in height and has greater resistance to water and dust. These features ensure the scissor lift can perform in all conditions, making it a reliable partner in the workplace.

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