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Scissor lift 6 meters – oil-free (ES0607OF)

Technical specifications:


Working height

Platform floor height

Overall length

Overall width

Overall height (rails up)

Transport height (rails down)

Platform length

Platform width

Platform extension

Ground clearance (stowed)

Ground clearance (raised)



Turning radius (outside)


2 x 24V / 0.4 kW

Lifting motors

Travel speed (stowed)

Travel speed (raised)

Integrated battery charger


Max. working slope

Non-marking tyres

Weight (CE)

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Machines Scissor lift 6 meters – oil-free (ES0607OF)scissor lifts

In a world where time is money and safety is of the highest priority, we proudly introduce the Magni ES0607OF scissor lift. This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to meet the stringent demands of machinists, carpenters, electricians, contractors, and many other professionals looking for an efficient, reliable and safe lifting platform.

Electric and oil-free operation

The Magni ES0607OF scissor lift marks a new era in lifting equipment. With its innovative electric and oil-free technology, this model offers an impressive working height of 5.60 m and a robust 240 kg load capacity. Equipped with electric actuators for lifting and lowering, this model stands out by minimizing noise and eliminating the risk of oil or fuel spills. This makes it ideal for use in sensitive environments such as the food and chemical industries.

Environmentally friendly and economical

This scissor lift is powered by 85 Ah AGM batteries that guarantee reliability, low energy consumption and a long lifespan. With these batteries at the helm, you’re guaranteed a machine that not only protects the environment with zero emissions, but also lowers your operating costs by minimizing maintenance.

Safety first and foremost

Safety is not an area where the Magni ES0607OF scissor lift compromises. Equipped with anti-pothole side bars, it ensures a stable and safe platform, even at height. This model is also designed to resist water and dust, improving its durability and safety in all working conditions.

Ease of use and flexibility

With proportional joystick controls, self-locking gates and a one-way platform extension, this scissor lift is not only safe but also incredibly easy to operate. It can even be driven at full height, making it extremely flexible and practical in a wide range of work scenarios.

Unrivaled safety equipment

From the automatic braking system and emergency descent system to the built-in fault diagnosis system, address alarm, motion alarm and more, every feature is designed with your safety in mind. The flashing LED beacon and folding guard rails are just some of the many safety features that make this scissor lift one of the safest on the market.

Ready for any task

Whether you work in construction, maintenance or any other field that requires reliable lifting capacity, the Magni ES0607OF scissor lift is ready to meet your needs. Its compact dimensions, combined with its impressive capacity and safety features, make it an indispensable tool in your daily operations.

The Magni ES0607OF scissor lift represents the pinnacle of modern lifting technology. With its advanced features, eco-friendly operation and unrivaled safety measures, it is designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Whatever your professional needs, this scissor lift allows you to work more efficiently, safely and economically.

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