Magni’s new RTH 8.35 and 8.46


Magni’s new RTH 8.35 and 8.46

Expansion of the 8-ton

RTH Magni has expanded their range of 8-ton RTH with the new models, RTH 8.35 and 8.46. These machines mark a significant step forward in the industry.

Re-design Magni RTH 8.35

The new RTH 8.35 model features improved load charts and an impressive 2-ton increase in lifting capacity. The machine also introduces two extension options, M1 and M2, which gives the operator access to two different load charts to maximize performance in all operating conditions.

Re-design Magni RTH 8.46

The RTH 8.46 model is the result of a comprehensive re-design of the first generation RTH 6.46 model. With a new boom designed to increase lifting capacity up to 8 tons, this model places itself in the top class of rotating telehandlers.


A comparison of the two models shows clear improvements in lifting capacity, reach and height compared to the previous models. It sets new standards for the industry and shows Magni’s continued commitment to exceeding industry norms.

With advanced engineering and innovative design, Magni has achieved an unprecedented level of development with the 2 new models. Their reliability and robustness make them ideal construction machines for even the most demanding jobsites, while their agility and ease of use ensure a unique operator experience.

The new standards of the future

The RTH 8.35 and 8.46 models rewrite the rules for load capacity limits and guarantee outstanding performance in all conditions. With a combination of top-notch engineering and uncompromising design, these machines set new standards for the industry. Watch the launch video to learn more about these impressive machines.

Link to video https://youtu.be/RG2OGznVOec

Link to the technical data of the machines

Magni RTH 8.35 rotating telehandler (35m) (ajkom.dk) (ajkom.dk)

Magni RTH 8.46 rotating telehandler (46m) (ajkom.dk) (ajkom.dk)