Innovative upgrades for Magni telehandlers


Innovative upgrades for Magni telehandlers

Introducing the new Magni TH MCTS On-Board System:

Magni telehandlers have been upgraded! The new Magni TH MCTS on-board system brings a range of exciting features that promise to make your workday more efficient and safe. With a focus on ease of use and productivity, the Magni team has developed an updated version of the on-board software that sets new standards for telehandlers.

Improved user experience

With a revamped user interface, it’s now even easier to navigate and operate the machine. The graphic redesign makes it more intuitive and comfortable to use, increasing productivity. Operators will find that they can quickly access the desired functions thanks to a clear menu structure and clear icons on the touchscreen.

Advanced features and innovations

Explore new features such as Handling Mode and Eco Mode that allow you to customize the machine’s performance according to your needs. These features reduce fuel consumption and increase responsiveness. With Handling Mode, operators can benefit from a faster and more responsive machine, while Eco Mode helps to protect the environment and reduce costs.

Customization and flexibility

With the option to choose between different presets, you can customize the machine to your exact preferences. The soon-to-be-available joystick function provides even greater control over the machine’s movements. This enables operators to optimize their work processes and achieve greater efficiency in the workplace.

Increased precision while working

The improved views on the load chart page ensure more precise load handling, whether you’re working on flat surfaces or uneven terrain. This not only increases efficiency, but also contributes to workplace safety as operators have better control over machine movement and load.

Standard rear view camera and security

Safety is top notch with the standard rear view camera now included with the RTH series (optional on the TH series). This gives you better visibility and increases safety while maneuvering. The automatic activation of the rear view camera when reversing helps operators avoid accidents and damage to the machine and surroundings.

Continuous updates and state-of-the-art technology

With continuous updates to the on-board software, you’ll always have access to the latest features and the most up-to-date security technology. Magni strives to deliver the best operator experience and one of the safest machines on the market. This also includes a vision of constant innovation and improvement, ensuring that Magni telehandlers are always at the forefront of technology.